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Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator
If you're on a new computer, get Mozilla Firefox

Windows Media Player - Watch videos and listen to music

KernelEx - Run Windows XP programs in Windows 98!
Adobe Flash Player – Less important these days, but you need it for some games and videos. Flash 9
(Windows 98)
Flash 10.3
Internet Explorer for Windows 98 with KernelEx   Download

Flash 11 for other browsers and Windows 98 with KernelEX
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – Scans for viruses and other infections for free. Download for Windows 2000
Download for Windows XP+

7-Zip – A great program for extracting and creating .RAR, .ZIP, .7ZIP and other archive file types. Download for Windows 95
Download for Windows 98 and 2000
Download for Windows XP+
Opera Browser – The latest browser to run on well on 98 with KernelEx Download  Opera 12.02 for
Windows 98
Download the last version of Classic opera
Download the  latest version of
Opera powered by Chromium
CCleaner – Removes the junk from your PC and speeds it up. Windows 98 Download
Windows 2000
Windows XP+

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