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Dancing Bill
Latest Version (Version 8)
Download Windows .exe
Play online with HTML5 (Experimental)

How To Play:
Shoot the demons with the spacebar, and move with arrow keys.
Kill 30 Demons to unleash Dill Clyntin, Ultimate Weapon!

Older Versions:
Version 5 [Java Version] [Flash Version]  [Touchscreen Version] [Touchscreen HTML5 (Experimental)]
Old Version Archive

Update Notes:
Version 8 - Optimized code, reworked Dill Clyntin to fire mini-Dills. Get a score of 30 to summon Dill, and doing 100 damage to him eliminates him. You can destroy mini-Dills with your gun!
Version 7.5 - Fixes a few bugs, packs into a Windows .exe so it actually runs. Changed soundtrack.

Version 7 - More HD graphics, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements from upgrade to the Krumpack Whale (JohnTech 1.2) engine. Added cars and new music.
Version 6 - HD graphics, Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements.
Version 5 - New Audio, SERIOUS Bug Fixes, Demon Animations,
Touchscreen Support, Compressed Graphics  to lower file size.

Version 4 - Bug Fixes, Score Board.
Version 3 - Bug fixes, Dill added.
Version 2 - Some Bug Fixes.

Based on Hong Kong 97, and ideas from the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Game requires Oracle Java or Adobe Flash      
Jul 15, 2015 - October 19, 2018+ John E. Bilkey

We are not affiliated with Happysoft in any way.

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