DC 2019

Washington, District of Columbia
The Capital Vacation

Cost: $700 booking payment, $600-800 for food recommended
Maximum Capacity of 8 Persons
One 4 hour drive to Dayton, and an 8 hour drive to DC the next day

Dupont Circle hotel, has Krispy Kreme, metro station, and Panera Bread within 200 feet.
Almost all activities are free!

The Destination
View of Hotel Lobby
Dupont Circle Hotel
Washington, District of Columbia

Description of the Destination
The grand capital of these United States of America. Months could be spent viewing all the museums and monuments. White House and Capitol tours are planned, as well as visiting George Washington's home on Mount Vernon. Expect a day long stop in Dayton, Ohio, where we will see the NASA and USAF museums.

We can see the Washington Monument, Library of Congress, and many more iconic locations.

Hotel has free wifi, and cell reception is excellent (Yes, I borrowed John's format, I'm too lazy/busy to make a site from scratch)

White House